We need to take serious action on climate change.

On the issue:

Lauren knows that climate change presents an existential threat to our environment, our national security, our health, and our economy.

Northern Illinois has seen unprecedented flooding over the past years that has caused millions of dollars in damage to businesses, homes, farms, and infrastructure. We can only expect things to get worse if we don’t take action to mitigate climate change. Lauren supports policies that promote clean energy solutions, support good-paying American jobs, and maintain national security.

  • Lauren introduced the Climate and Health Protection Act to help local communities address and mitigate the harmful public health effects of climate change. The legislation was included in the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis’ comprehensive congressional climate action framework.
  • Lauren supports the 100% Clean Economy Act, which sets a national goal of achieving a 100% clean energy economy by 2050. The initiative would create high-quality green jobs in northern Illinois and across the country.
  • Lauren passed bipartisan legislation that would prevent federal agencies like USDA from censoring public information about climate change.
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