We need to make health care more affordable.

On the issue:

As a registered nurse, public health expert, and a woman with a pre-existing heart condition, Lauren’s number one priority in Congress is ensuring access to high-quality, affordable health care for our families and eliminating cost barriers to care. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lauren has worked tirelessly to protect the health and wellbeing of families across our community.

  • Lauren responded to skyrocketing insulin prices with the bipartisan Lower Insulin Costs Now Act. The legislation was signed into law by the President to make lower-cost, generic insulin available more quickly.
  • Lauren secured free COVID-19 testing for her community, more than $1 billion in emergency response funding for hospitals and health care providers across Illinois, and federal support for new COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. She has called for a nationwide COVID-19 strategy to manage the disease, limit community spread, end disparities and support a robust economic recovery. 
  • As part of her work to eliminate cost barriers to health care, Lauren wrote the Health Care Affordability Act with her constituents top of mind. The legislation — approved by the House with bipartisan support — would limit the cost of premiums for people who buy their own insurance to eight and a half percent or less of their income. Some families in the 14th District spend as much as 25 percent of their income on healthcare.
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