Press Release

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood Unveils Additional Ad Buy In IL-14 Reelection Campaign

“Bill” will run on broadcast and digital platforms


ST CHARLES, IL – With fewer than two weeks until Election Day, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood released a new campaign ad Friday. The 30-second ad, “Bill”, highlights the story of an independent contractor who has battled type 2 diabetes for nearly 30 years. Insulin costs have risen swiftly in the United States, forcing people like Bill to scramble to pay for their life-saving medication. Underwood wrote the Lower Insulin Costs Now Act in direct response to concerns about the rising cost of insulin. The legislation was signed into law by President Trump at the end of 2019.


“Bill shared that he has been forced to sell his own furniture to pay for his insulin — no one should have to sell their possessions in order to afford the medication they need to stay alive,” Congresswoman Underwood said. “I’m proud that I’ve been able to work on behalf of people like Bill in Congress, and I look forward to continuing the fight to lower the cost of prescription drugs.”


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The Lower Insulin Costs Now Act will reduce the cost of insulin for the families who rely on it by making lower-cost, generic insulin available on the marketplace sooner. Underwood’s previous ad, “Darcy” told the story of a mother whose daughter has type 1 diabetes.


“Bill” will run on broadcast and digital platforms. The ad comes after Underwood passed a fourth piece of legislation into law Tuesday and hosted a drive-in rally with supporters Monday.